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* Live Recorded and mixed by Gaspard De Meulemeester
at Swimming House Studio.

* Mastered by Equus Studio.

* Artwork by Thierry Tönnes -

* Out on : Black Basset Records -


released December 9, 2013



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Grey sky
Grey Sky Eternal

Face to face, eye for an eye
You can't escape to what you've realised
Have you ever opened your eyes
There's something left beyond the clouds

We who never see the fire
Burning the sky
We can't fly so high
Here below we try to reach the flow
Beneath a grey sky eternal

Can't you see?
Can't you flee?
We are damned

A wave of hate has rained into their minds
Behave like snakes, has made them so blind
They're frightly fighting, stronger than hungry animals
Wish they refer to their left shoulder angel

I swear you'll be jailed in your head
A nightmare filled of your blood-red
Beware of vultures chasing dead
Despair on our way ahead

Why do we are a so devious society?
Our possessions never leads to a plain satiety

Everytime I reach the floor
I creep to a light from the door
Everything is clear
I'm up to dissapear

I sing these words
Towards the lord
Towards this blackened world
Gave eveything you got

A better end
Rise your hand
You'll be send
Beyond this Grey sky eternal.
Track Name: Sense of guilt
Sense of Guilt

Go back to an age of a wicked relief
When Man fought for their beliefs
Manipulating to be proclaimed the chief
Do anything to achieve

Nothing has change since that time
Always ready to commit their crimes
Freedom is no longer mine
Will we step aside?

And I ‘m powerless
To this web of distress
Together we could change it all
But nobody moves on

The past has spoken
In our ears, broken
Empty memories
The last action
Gave no auction
Lead to cemeteries

Rest in peace - Skin of crease - until your soul release
Blast them off - ‘til your last cough - your coldest freeze

Again winter bashes out poor destitutes
To a place where every sound is muted
See every links prostituted
Will you understand?

There we are - Coming from afar
Standing in line - An army fight
Give away - Fill the ashtray
Begin your decay

React is necessary
Spread your entire honesty
Face the bull of tirrany
You’ll beat the sense of guilt.
Track Name: Earth's last letter
Earth's Last letter

I can't believe my eyes
This plague surrounding me
Until I'll die
Ruining for their life
The rests of a future
Arid strife

I had to end in a bursting fire
Instead became a field of barbedwire
Against humanity I've no lawyer
Then I write this last letter

It's time to unleash the great storm
Destroy the cancer to its horns
I warned you too much
Suffer from my final touch

The sky tore into a roaring
Acid rain, burning their skin
Quakes opened the soil to hell
Gigantic waves swept every last cell

Got rid of that human race
I look at the scars on my face
Nothing more to do, too late
I vanish into atmosphere
Track Name: Fall

Warm days are done
Hard times now come
You never felt so down
Since the sun is gone

Can't the Scythe catch you?
Neither me.
Everything is so blurred around now
Don't want to see

You fell on me
As a leaf fall from a tree
Hazard made you unlucky
Sink inside insanity

A life so strained
you've burnt my brain
Optimism slain
Cause youre as sad as rain

Can't the Scythe catch you?
Neither me then
Everything is just blurred around us now
Don't want to see

Chemicals I've blown
Leaded me
To a place of no return
As I fell on my knees

Winds of chaos chase us
Beneath stills a pile of rust
Mist of blackness faint us
Ripping out our guts

Ascension doomed to a stall
No one hear your help call
Existence is too small
You will share your fall
Track Name: Eye of the storm
Eye of the Storm

We spend so many years searching for
A place to be and grow
Among all those crows
Wish we could glow around
Attracting everyone
Inside our bones

Just as
A Storm
You up

Materialism has
Corrupted the mass
We can't live away from the screen
Hypnotised by world deadly screams

Possessions - Became
Only relics of your soul
A calm - before the flood
A careless of your own
Filtered - human beings
Controlled by opium state
Puppets - has forgotten
the real sense of life

Don't wake me
Just let us
stay in
unconscious fears

All of that mustn't be real
But it rises to the bait
Is This will be our fate?
In this case we're going to fade
comfortably sit in our chairs
Eating shit from a rotten meal
Innocent victims of a purposes misdeal

Maybe one day
We will betray
The eye of the storm.